A Word From Granny

Hi all!

They call me Granny. I 'd take a moment to thank you for visiting me today. So what I can do for you? That seems to be the question. Well, I offer you an alternative to cooking nightly. Given the opportunity, I would like to prepare a meal for you and yours.

. All our meals are home made with only the freshest and finest ingredients.

We have eliminated table salt on our foods and use sea slat as a salt alternative.

Are Product are bought locally and when possible we support or local frames assuring you only the freshest and finest ingredients in the market place.

Are salads and sauces are all home made with spices bought at a england spice company assuring you the finest of flavor.

April through October we marinate our are meats and cook them slowly on low heat.

We have flavors for everyone we make mild and a verity of hot sauce.

You don't see a meal you enjoy? Call me, and I will be happy to see about working it into our menu. Having a special dinner for that special someone? The boss called and wants to come for dinner? Just call me and I will cook up that extra special dinner for you. Together we will make it look like a meal fit for the table of any royal family. We can make it as fancy as you would like . Just call me and tell me a call and tell me all about what your looking for or come on bye any day spring, summer, or fall you'll find me out back at the smoker.

Ok I was just told that I am suppose to tell you'll my story. Well, like all grannies, I have one . My story starts in a little town in the mountains of Pennsylvania where my family comes from. We were farmers and my grandmother could cook up a storm. She used to cook for the family and if asked she would do cooking for the towns people. Her specialty for the towns people was wedding cakes.

I am second generation here in the United States, so I learned from my grandmother how to cook the old world foods and how to cook country style. As a youngster I spent a lot of time out helping at the smoke house.

My folks moved to the out skirts of Baltimore where I spent a lot of time out on the Chesapeake Bay. My family members are big seafood fans and therefore I learned how to cook bay county seafood which today remains my specialty along with smoking meats.

Growing up I loved to cook for the family and dreamed of someday being a chef. This dream took me to two of Maryland’s trade schools at which time I worked part time in fast foods. I entered the work study program where I worked in one of Annapolis's finest seafood restaurants. I have had many titles over the years from counter help to cook, kitchen, manager, food service supervisor, and chef. Working at such places as McDonald's, Ma and Pa restaurants, the Hyatt Regency Hotel, drug rehab, nursing homes, catering services where I even did a function for the White House. So to some this up I have literally cooked from Yale to jail.

So how did I get here to Vermont you ask? Well I moved here after living out in Oklahoma for a few years. I missed the mountains, the snow, and boy that heat just really got to me. I guess I can handle 5 below and three feet of snow far better then I can handle 104 degrees with a heat index of 112 while dodging tornadoes.

My life’s dream has always been to own my own restaurant or catering service. That dream was shattered a few years back when I became disabled. For two years I tried desperately to work and no one gave me a chance. I must admit I became depressed and sat around feeling useless and sorry for myself a bit.I don't roll over and play dead well and I pulled myself out of that place got me this wonderful electric wheel chair and began seeking work again (sitting at home just is not for me).

Well, that’s how I got here my friends. I started this little company called This N That Trading Post . How did I arrive at that name? I could take the company anywhere leaving every possibility open. Thats when I came up with Granny's Kitchen, but everyone said it sounded to common and old fashion so I switched to T.L.C. Vittles. But you Know I really hate being stuck indoors all day so I expanded the company opening The Vittles stop BBQ. I am now outside and loving life I cherish my customers and many have become l my extended family.

I welcome you all to join me in this adventure. I look forward in bringing to you quality service and food. I give you my word that I will do my best to make you a satisfied customer. If you ever have a problem you just call and ask for granny and I will do everything in my power to fix what every problem you may have.

Well folks that’s my story. If there is ever anything I can help you with, please call, and we shall see what we can come up with. I will never be to big to do custom work for my customers. You don't see what your looking for or you want something special please ask away and if I can help by adding to my menus or customizing a job I will be happy. to.



Great Food Delivered Right To Your House! And First Class Catering! All From Vermonts Premiere Catering

The Vittle Stop BBQ




Vermont BBQ!!

Vermont BBQ!!


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Our Mission

T.L.C.Vittles is a company which constantly strives to provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality products and services at competitive prices. While maintaining a higher level of customer service than today standards, we provide you with only the freshest products on the market. We're able to bring you the finest service around by maintaining a well trained staff who really cares about you.

The objective of our business is to

1) Provide high quality service for our customers.

2)To have fun, love, laugh and enjoy life.

3) To assure that all business transactions are handled in a timely manner and that every customer is pleased, happy and enjoying our products.

Please remember we are not responsible for your addictions! LOL. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. From all of us to all of you, please go enjoy, embrace your day and our products.

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