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Great Food Delivered Right To Your House! And First Class Catering! All From Vermonts Premiere Catering

The Vittle Stop BBQ


TLCPigcolor1The Vittles VERMONT BBQ Stop

Home Of The Original Vermont Style BBQ.

The Vittles Stop BBQ is the newcomer with old traditional ideas in BBQ. Now tell us if you are looking for barbecue, barbeque, maybe BBQ, how about Bar-B-Q, no lets try Bar-B-QUE, or Bar-B-Cue. No matter you spell or say it, there are just as many styles and sauces as spellings. It all boils down to meat being cooked outdoors with a smoky flavor It is that simple. Vermont BBQ!

Do you know difference between grilling and barbecuing? Grilling is done over direct heat. The object is to sear the outside and lock the juices on the inside. Grilling is a healthful method of cooking because as the food cooks the fat renders are cooked down. Barbecuing is the cooking meats at a low temperature for an extended period of time.. Low-n-slow is the motto because no one can rush mouth watering BBQ. Here at the Vittle Stop we combine the two processes bringing you what we believe is one of the juiciest, most tender smoked meats you can find. Vermont BBQ!

BBQ originated in the Caribbean where they used plenty of tropical flavors to prepare meat. Our BBQ sauce is a combination of fruit, sugars and spices, blended together to make a exciting but not too sweet-n- sassy sauce. We captured the one thing everyone left out- true island flavors with a touch of Vermont Maple syrup. You Have not tried BBQ until you have tried New England style BBQ developed and sold only here in Windsor, Vermont. You want to talk about finger lickin good? Our New England style BBQ is Finger licking good. Vermont BBQ!

Here at The Vittles Stop we specialize in BBQ . We start everything off with our fresh spices & herbs in our home made rubs, marinades and sauces. You’ll find meats such as our slow cooked tender brisket and fall off the bone ribs, marinated chicken. Try some of our home made salads and sides made fresh to your liking to go with your main course. Vermont BBQ!

If you are ever in our neighborhood, please come on by and sit for a spell. Pull up a seat. You’ll find us out back right by the Smoker tending meats with all the T.LC. we can muster up. If we are not tending to our Vittles at the time, you can bet ya we’ll be there rain or shine playing a game of chess, checkers, or domino’s. Spades- yes sir we all play spades and we all love to talk Q- barbeque. So wander on over and sit for awhile. Feel free to use our picnic tables out under the old maple tree.

By the way ALL Challenges Excepted.

The Vittles Stop Is Licensed by The Vermont Department of Health.

Located at 19 ½ union Street Windsor Vermont .

Feel free to call ahead (802) 674-6776

Check out our on line menu where you can place an order and we’ll have it ready and waiting for you when you arrive.


Vermont BBQ!
OPEN for Season
Come On Down!!

Vermont BBQ!!

Vermont BBQ!!


We have an exciting online menu that changes daily with exciting specials. Just click the link below to visit our online store and ordering system.


Our Mission

T.L.C.Vittles is a company which constantly strives to provide our customers with the freshest, highest quality products and services at competitive prices. While maintaining a higher level of customer service than today standards, we provide you with only the freshest products on the market. We're able to bring you the finest service around by maintaining a well trained staff who really cares about you.

The objective of our business is to

1) Provide high quality service for our customers.

2)To have fun, love, laugh and enjoy life.

3) To assure that all business transactions are handled in a timely manner and that every customer is pleased, happy and enjoying our products.

Please remember we are not responsible for your addictions! LOL. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. From all of us to all of you, please go enjoy, embrace your day and our products.

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